An ad for you!


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“Whatever you’re ready for is ready for you.”
Let me add to that point of power: 

There is an “ad


for you to respond!

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7 Comments on “An ad for you!”

  1. L.K. Says:

    It’s a shame you don’t have a give money press button! I’d definitely give money for this outstanding web page! I think at this point i’ll be satisfied with bookmarking and placing your Feed to my Google account. I look ahead to fresh messages and will promote this blog with my Facebook team: )


    • Says:

      Nothing contributes so much to ignite the mind as a steady stream of comments, comments like yours – words on which “thewordwit” soul can fix her intellectual eye. Thanks for the promotion and know that I am always willing to lend an internet hand.


  2. Heather Chrysler Says:

    Outstanding content, most of the material was quite worthwhile.


    • Says:

      A great comment to read. I love that you used the word “most” = the 80% – but what I’d love to know more about is the other 20% that did not “fit” with you. I know that we grow from differences and the is all about growth….learning….exploring…and the creative use of words.


  3. Rosena Terrel Says:

    It’s a pity you actually don’t have got a contribute switch! I’d most definitely contribute to that remarkable blog page! I actually suppose that right now i’ll accept book-marking plus attaching a person’s Rss so that you can this Bing akun. I actually glance forth so that you can fresh improvements but will show the following blog site by using this Twitter crew: )


    • Says:

      Your comment is a resounding echo! I wish, want, and am trying to discover how to allow others to contribute. For now, I dearly hope you will contribute under the category “Do You Wordwit?” I have received enough emails to know that there are wordwitters around the world. I very much wish to connect with all of you. There is a galaxy of unique wisdom in our world and much of it comes through our words.

      Stay in touch, Rosena! I’ll be looking forward to seeing your wordwitting in “Do You Wordwit?”.


  4. JeremyLum Says:

    The ‘ad’ is ‘ready’ to be ‘read’ if not ‘already’ (all – ready) read.
    I’m ITignorant. Can get confused easiy.
    Question: How can I send some of my stuff to your blog? I have lots of them in under LumJeremy.


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