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While waiting to buy roasted red peppers, the cashier began to comment freely about what she called this “plugged in generation.”  Since I was “unplugged,” she brought up blogs and blogging.  Next, the cashier asked me (thewordwit) this question:

(chatty cashier) “What is a blog, anyway?”

(thewordwit answer)  “A BLOG? 

Basically  Lips  OGlobalness.”

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One Comment on “Blog, Blogging,…and the Cashier”

  1. JeremyLum Says:

    (Chatty cashier) “Oh, I see! By the way, who HEADS the BLOG?”

    (the wordwit answer): “BLOGHEAD” , of course!”

    Add a humour and enjoy the punt! (My apologies. No offence intended!)


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