Beat the Blame



bl A ME

takes the

 -A- game

out of


– thewordwit –

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4 Comments on “Beat the Blame”

  1. E. Anderson Says:

    Isn’t blaming “lame”? I like how you put it – the A game.
    Your blog is fresh! I like it.


  2. J. Locke Says:

    You are with it wordwit!


    • Says:

      That’s great! I had so much fun reading your comment because I immediately saw w-it-h it,
      wordw-it, and I reminded me of a tweet I posted ot a follower – A crazy notion this “it” factor.


      • jeremylum88 Says:

        ‘IT’ ignorant is blessed with the W ‘IT’ factor so that ‘I’ can use ‘IT’ to W ‘IT’!

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