“thewordwit” herself

Thankyou for returning to share with me those words which felt accurate and truthful to your own heart.  Wordwits are, essentially, solo interpretations. 

Welcome to  thewordwit.com!

speaking beautifully


As I interact with people from all stages of life, from early years to retired years, I am drawn in by their choice of words.

To me, words speak.  Words within words speak.  And, there are acronyms of possibility that shout a story all their own. 

Sometimes I share these RAW  R.elational A.cronyms and W.ords with other people and sometimes I just bring my wordwitting home.

Enjoy the inform’al categorical rooms! 

Michelle “thewordwit”


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5 Comments on ““thewordwit” herself”

  1. ajaytao2010 Says:

    through words I feel our journey should be towards silence, to become silent is the ultimate virtue.


  2. wynn Says:

    Hey wordwit, you should create thewordwitgarden so that I can read more about how you came up with your wordwits and the messages that go along with them


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