Wow, that’s a unique way of looking at Twitter, Jeremy. You are offering a turn and a twist on tweeting, which I am choosing to share with readers. The project is much too big, much too full of time needed to select content related tweets. Suffice to say, that if the project were to turn into a book, one would surely want to take it home!

Many people use the to chat and to send messages and tweets. Whatever names we give the tweets, some play of words are very meaningful and contain truth and wisdom. This is what I called WISDOM HIDDEN IN WORDS AND LIFE POINTERS. The art of playing with words existed a very long time ago, during the classical period or the golden age of Chinese history. It might have flourished in other ancient civilizations too. There is no available … Read More

via Lum’s space

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2 Comments on “GOOD TWEETS CONTAIN WISDOM AND TRUTH (via Lum’s space)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You have noted very interesting details !


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