Guaranteed 100%



Satisfaction Guaranteed Sticker (Vector)

Whose side is fooled?

While speaking with a class of sixth grade students about print displays, impressions and advertising, I was asked this question,

“What does guaranteed actually guarantee?”

Here was my challenge:  Do I deliver a quick response and my wordit?

Or, let them them brainstorm their own answer?

In twenty-five words or less I challenged the students to describe what guaranteed actually guarantees or to highlight experiences with lifetime guarantees.

This was an incredible exercise that captured the heart, minds and souls of the students.

Frankly, I think

U (you ) AR (are)  A (a)  NT (nut)

if you believe anything other than death is

g U AR A NT eed

After listening to countless presenations of “Just because…doesn’t mean …” and speaking with expert sixth graders, I can “guarantee” this wordwit articulates a message worth knowing.

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One Comment on “Guaranteed 100%”

  1. jeremylum88 Says:

    Guaranteed! Death is the outcome! The full-stop of everything. That’s the reason because U RANT Every Evil to Death!


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