Jump Start a Change


Life, You

In the middle of a conversation about

reinventing and re-imagining

 life for the better:

(friend)  “I mean, why would I want to jump into the unknown?”

(me)  “Because, what you know is the chance to own something new.”

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3 Comments on “Jump Start a Change”

  1. cardaddy Says:

    Your website is really very informative. Thank you for that.


  2. Ruby Says:

    Thank you for your wordwits. You absorb the world so clearly.


  3. thewordwit.com Says:

    Thanks! Did you ever realize that most of our “FAV our ite” things are
    F ocussed A round V alues? Many of us value change, we just don’t want to own the change.

    Writing this response reminded me of the wordwit I posted on change + hangers in the closet.


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