Your Life, Your Cup



I accepted your challenge!  Here is an “illumination” of the following tweet: 

What does your CUP of life ocCUPy?

Reaching for a cup, I recognized my range of choices.  I could choose a large, small, glass, or plastic theme-based cup.  And, I could fill the cup with whatever I desired, multiple times.  It simply needed to be kept upright.

A cup is an apt image for life – with its emptiness, fullness, flaws, brokeness, and blessings; a constant process of filling and emptying, to make room for the new.

Life may scribble on the outside of the cup, yet we can choose to hold a new one.  Or, we can choose to see these markings as a blessing for the contents within.  Where there are stains, there are stories embedded with lessons to be spilled out.

The cup reminds us of our thirst.  A thirst that we choose to quench through relationships and other things.  If we were to pour our contents out, would a smile arise?  Is our CUP of life ocCUPied well?

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2 Comments on “Your Life, Your Cup”

  1. jeremylum88 Says:

    When LIFE is a CUP, we will encounter many HIC CUPS!


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