Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark



William ShakespEARe, one of the greatest writers of all time, understood the relationship between appEARance and REAlity.  He often gave his characters two sides to their personality, ballooning the understanding that appearances can be deceiving.  One must listen beyond the immediate words, appEARance and ACTion.  Many masquerade themselves.

The holiday season and New Year gatherings invite us to celebrate among many clusters of people.  As we take part among these clusters, we often begin on appEARance and end on words.  One conversation may beckon on beauty and end on average.  Another may begin on proximity and end in beauty.  It’s true again and again.  Our appEARance is magnified by our speech.  That which we are sending out into someone’s EAR amplifies or redefines our appEARance. 

A compelling wordwit: appEARance

What were your experiences this Holiday Season?

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2 Comments on “Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark”

  1. jeremylum88 Says:

    Very well written. It is precise but clearly understood!


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