A superstar! So many people long for recognition, to be noticed, to be “something” more than the star that they are….the notion of being a superstar is magnetic. It pulls people. Blogging on the other hand, is to be the magnet. The one who posts the photo, the words, the poem, and then carries on. It’s like putting UP a STAR everyday, or once a week/month for all to view. A sUPerSTAR! Yes.

Lum's space

Some one just asked me the other day if I wanted to be a Superstar? “If you don’t want to be famous, why do you write blogs?”

I just wonder if all the people who write blogs want to be superstars. It is a very good question! It makes me  review and check through the motives that I have in putting up a blog. I again ask myself the question once through. Indeed, why on earth did I start writing my blog?

Frankly, It is to keep myself usefully occupied. Then I want to practise  what little IT knowledge that I have learnt from schoolchildren.

At first, I had no IT knowledge at all. I was even afraid of the computer: that I might spoil or damage it. Then, someone gave me a laptop and told me to use it. From then, I patiently learn how to surf the internet…

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