Cold Ice Decision Making



Hours and hours have spilled into days and days of research. I have a choice to make and I am sitting in a sea of pros and cons.

“Just make a decision!” I hear myself fluster outloud.

“I don’t know which is right,” I respond

Suddenly I had a wordwit idea.  With a choice needing to be made, I headed to the freezer and filled up a glass full of ice.  When the ice melts, the choICEs end. Time to make a decision.

Cold Ice Decision Making works!  If today, you have choices placed in front of you.  Fill up a glass of ice.  While the ice is melting, take the time to question, ponder, list the pros and cons of your decision.  But, once the ice has melted, make your choice, and enjoy the extra hours you saved.


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3 Comments on “Cold Ice Decision Making”

  1. jeremylum88 Says:

    Very well said. Well written.


  2. JoAnne Says:

    Fantastic idea! Such a clever girl!


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Fantastic idea! Sure does save time!


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