I am a TIVA




I love to listen and I love to talk.

I love to write and I  love to share.

And as I participate in these, I wordwit.

As the events unfolded yesterday, I ended the day with this wordwit:

I may not be a DIVA, but I am a TIVA.

I  am  mo TIVA ted!

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2 Comments on “I am a TIVA”

  1. Leelah Says:

    I am loving every post! Are these all your own words? I am assuming so and I just want you to know that you have a knack~a word niche!


    • thewordwit (@thewordwit) Says:

      Yes, every post is an original! I am the wordwit and these are my own words/thoughts. Thanks for recognizing that I have a “niche” of my own in this sea of blogging waters. 🙂


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