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Motherhood changes our emotional tank.

The simplest things

can trigger a downpour of emotions, fears, honesty and humility.

There is an unspoken knowing

 that the title of “MOM” I hold,

includes a M.ap  O.f  M.e

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2 Comments on “Motherhood”

  1. jeremylum88 Says:

    Man is a very ambitious animal in the animal kingdom. We always want to be Master o the Universe,
    Master of our Future, Master….of Everything! Yet, we can’t be Master of Positions of Places.
    “Here and There” is not decided by us although we use these two common words daily. Why?
    Of course, it is decided by the letter ‘T’! Got it?


    • Says:

      I appreciate your wordwitting, Jeremy. NEW!!! A space for you called W.O.W. !!
      If anyone has another great solution to make wordwitting easier to share, send it to me at Thanks!
      Sorry to all if I lost your wordwit comment submission when switching the page to W.O.W. …hope you’ll post again!


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