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Romans12:2 “The ROOM”


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I know my mind is able; able to be influenced and transformed by others, by my vocation, and by culture.

And yet, that which transforms me is not always renewing, but brewing of politics, power, and prestige.

Today I am tired of drinking the brew.

I read:

Romans 12:2

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what [is] that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Roman’s 12:2 reminds me of Mind Renewal; space to be transformed, able to hold up against the chaos of life possibilities.

As so perhaps, I am beginning today with a piece of evidence of Paul’s leadership, that there is nothing more important than the ROOM (Renewing Of Our Mind).

In that space, I am understanding the hidden wisdom of this ROOM.

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It’s OK to have these ingredients



Defeat, loss, disappointment

– the raw ingredients of a broken spirit –

broken – ness

develops our character more

than gain, fulfillment and victory ever can.

It’s  OK  to be   br OK en

– thewordwit –

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A Leap of FaITh



The person who takes

a   leap  of   fa IT h,

never has to explain ‘IT’

to themselves.

– thewordwit –

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Perfect Timing


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We all have moments

when something or someone

adds hope, strength, love,

or inspiration to the day.

In the midst of washing dishes, my mind was filled with these words of assurance:

I’m   t I’m ing,”


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Sustained Gift



A woman I dearly love shared Psalm 3:5 from her NIV Bible:

“I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the LORD sustains me.”

From her context of life, it is the verse she clings to each night.

I understand her age, my age, and the wisdom of the psalm.

Today is a present that I have been given.  The Gift is of being sustained.

Tomorrow I will grow older, but I will understand age from her perspective:

AGE is

A   G ift   E veryday

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In the ups, downs, curves, roadblocks, detours, avenues and advances,


because God is in every MILE of today!

“You look so much better when you Smile!”

Music LYRICS video I SMILE  (C) Kirk Franklin 2011

Music video performance I SMILE  (C) Kirk Franklin 2011

And remember, your Smile is the most beautiful curve on your body!

Operation Smile:  A Smile Changes Everything: $240  goes miles for Smiles

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Amazing Square PEG



There are many things beyond human understanding. 

One of these is grace.

Grace can be thought of as an experience of positivity

or an unmistakable touch of God.

It is an experience known only to the one who has felt it.

P eople  E xperience  G race


P ersonal   E xperience  of   G race

Let us be mindful not to hammer a square

(expression to mean “an honest or direct person”)

 PEG into a round hole.

In that way, it’s not Amazing Grace.

– thewordwit –



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G race  for  every  race

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