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Day going bad? Here’s 1 Remedy!



There are days

when nothing goes according to our plans.

Often we find ourselves in an orbit of disappointment

We can move a seemingly bad day

 into a GOOD one by:

etting     O  ver     O  ur    D  isappointment

– thewordwit –

Where we start  –  does not have to be  –  where we finish!


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Hooked on Time



Hooked on Time:

It strikes me that time is the one thing we can spend freely,

yet never store or own.

Though we try to quantify it, we have yet to catch it;

to discover how to embrace it with our hands.


I am attracted to this word

for I am hooked by that which marks the end of time


Time beckons me to be fully alive and true to every moment.

This “me” time, will end.

What are my moments going towards?

Am I in recognition of this gift to me?


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No Umbrella Needed



Bring on the R A I N


 R  adical

A  ction

I s         

 N eeded 

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A Leap of FaITh



The person who takes

a   leap  of   fa IT h,

never has to explain ‘IT’

to themselves.

– thewordwit –

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What I Know For Sure!


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The hapPIEst people

share their PIE

and eat it too!

– thewordwit –

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Angel Words


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Words that we

HEAR  through the HEART

are personal.

They stay with us,

not changing or fading in beauty.

– thewordwit –

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Your Life, Your Cup



I accepted your challenge!  Here is an “illumination” of the following tweet: 

What does your CUP of life ocCUPy?

Reaching for a cup, I recognized my range of choices.  I could choose a large, small, glass, or plastic theme-based cup.  And, I could fill the cup with whatever I desired, multiple times.  It simply needed to be kept upright.

A cup is an apt image for life – with its emptiness, fullness, flaws, brokeness, and blessings; a constant process of filling and emptying, to make room for the new.

Life may scribble on the outside of the cup, yet we can choose to hold a new one.  Or, we can choose to see these markings as a blessing for the contents within.  Where there are stains, there are stories embedded with lessons to be spilled out.

The cup reminds us of our thirst.  A thirst that we choose to quench through relationships and other things.  If we were to pour our contents out, would a smile arise?  Is our CUP of life ocCUPied well?

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Life is a BOWL of Cherries


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“Life is a Bowl of Cherries…”

Have you ever wondered…

what is in the BOWL,

holding the cherries of life?

B eauty

O peness

W isdom

L ove

These are the cherrished cherries of life!


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