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I would love to hear your MOMentous day…




MOM: Momentum Of Moments


The adventure of being a MOM is momentous!

It truly is a 

M omentum 

O f  

M oments!

– thewordwit –

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Caps, Limits, and Open Doors


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What’s your limit?

What’s my limit?

I recognized it tonight…

It’s woven within the word itself

L i’m it.

I’m it.

I’m my own limit’ator.

Something to ponder about tonight.

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Wisdom Dollar Round Table



Some soar to become a millionAIRe, a billionAIRe, …


I soar to become a wisdomAIRe!

Will you join me?



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W.O.W! a W.orld O.f W.ordwitters!




Words matter What next? Ask me…I have a fantastic idea!

Fellow Wordwitters!

Nothing else is more exciting

than reading YOUR wordwits and

wordpoems!   Post here

As life speaks, words serve an important purpose to life.

Words serve to shape every conversation. Sometimes during a brief exchange with words, something unexpected happens.

A word may take on a new acronym; or a word with in a word captures the conversation with a piece of wisdom. All the possibilities await.

That’s the excitement of sharing our wordwits with eachother.

For now, please post as a comment

Random Tips

TIP #1

Words speak.  Let them.  Do not attempt to create wit and attach it to a word.   #basicwordwitting

TIP #2

Listen to  the story in every word storm (A.K.A. emotion filled conversation).

TIP #3

Wordwitting begins as an impression, and ends as an expression.

TIP #4

Engage with words and they will engage you.


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I am a TIVA




I love to listen and I love to talk.

I love to write and I  love to share.

And as I participate in these, I wordwit.

As the events unfolded yesterday, I ended the day with this wordwit:

I may not be a DIVA, but I am a TIVA.

I  am  mo TIVA ted!

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Was that a NO or a k-NO-w?



NO or k-NO-w

I wonder, do we respond with -NO-

because of a

N egative  O pinion


because of what surrounds our response,

K  nowledge     and       W   isdom?

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Cold Ice Decision Making



Hours and hours have spilled into days and days of research. I have a choice to make and I am sitting in a sea of pros and cons.

“Just make a decision!” I hear myself fluster outloud.

“I don’t know which is right,” I respond

Suddenly I had a wordwit idea.  With a choice needing to be made, I headed to the freezer and filled up a glass full of ice.  When the ice melts, the choICEs end. Time to make a decision.

Cold Ice Decision Making works!  If today, you have choices placed in front of you.  Fill up a glass of ice.  While the ice is melting, take the time to question, ponder, list the pros and cons of your decision.  But, once the ice has melted, make your choice, and enjoy the extra hours you saved.

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So very true! Exactly the words trapped IN my mINd tonight.


I have the mind of a writer.

This is a good thing and a bad thing.

You see, because as certain as we are about most things, and as much as we love exploring concepts, ideas, stories, and people, sometimes we have a tendency to look a little too deep into it all. We’re constantly searching for answers and reasons on everything. We tend to get lost in our own words. Trapped in our own minds if you will…

We simply think too much.

Our minds are so busy that even when we aren’t physically active, our minds are, and those thoughts will run circles around our brain until we find a way to release them through song, paper, conversations, or whatever release method we feel is best. It’s a somewhat tiring process, yet powerfully beautiful.

We know exactly how other people are. We love to notice the small things…

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