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W.O.W! a W.orld O.f W.ordwitters!



Words matter

What next? Ask me…I have a fantastic idea!

Fellow Wordwitters!

Nothing else is more exciting

than reading YOUR wordwits and

wordpoems!   Post here

As life speaks, words serve an important purpose to life.

Words serve to shape every conversation. Sometimes during a brief exchange with words, something unexpected happens.

A word may take on a new acronym; or a word with in a word captures the conversation with a piece of wisdom. All the possibilities await.

That’s the excitement of sharing our wordwits with eachother.

For now, please post as a comment

Wordwitter TIP #1

Wordwitting is Content Syncing.

Words speak.  Let them.

Wordwitter TIP #2

Listen to  the story in every word storm (A.K.A. emotion filled conversation).

Wordwitter TIP #3

Wordwitting begins as an impression, and ends as an expression.

Wordwitter TIP #4

Engage with words and they will engage you.

Words are graceful, but, until they speak to the imagination, not yet beautiful. ~ thewordwit’s twist on the words of Emerson ~


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